About Our Kennel
Dear Bob,

Everything went perfectly. He was just being brought out (at the airport) as we walked up on Saturday night and things have been great ever since. He is incredible, exactly what I wanted. You weren't kidding, he loves to nap. We've been on a couple really good walks and he's even been going to the bathroom outside the majority of the time and has been really great about it. We got the health cert from the Continental guy at the baggage desk.

Thanks again for everything and I'll be sure to send you some pics in a couple weeks when he gets bigger so you can see how he's doing.


Hi Bob,

This is Jennifer. I got a dog from you about 6 weeks ago. I kept her name Inga because I love it and it just fit her so well! I was just writing to tell you how great she is doing and how beautiful she looks. She is a wonderful puppy and we are moving into a new house soon so she is very excited for her new large 100ft by 40 ft high fenced back yard! With doggy door already there.


Hi Bob,

I just wanted to let you know that the pup is doing great! He is almost double his weight on the health certificate, and his feet are growing the fastest! He walks on a flexi-leash and seems to naturally track on the left side, right at my side. His personality is very inquisitive, sweet, and courageous--he met an Anatolian shepherd the other day and did not react to him in a negative way at all--he liked the other dog. Titus also had his first swimming experience when he tumbled into the pool. He calmly pulled himself upon the solar cover--no panic. He is responding to his name and to "come," and we are still working on catching all of his bathroom opportunities. Everyone who has met the pup has fallen in love with him! Included is a recent photo.



I have never had a female so, if I get another one, I would like to try a female this time. I would have to wait until next summer though. But anytime I get another dog I will go through you. I am happy with Zeus. He is gorgeous, great temperament, intelligent, listens very well. He's great on a leash. I got the pronged collar, it works like a charm.


Hey Bob..

Its Chris up in Boston... Just wanted to forward you some pictures of
King Jr. and say thanks for everything.

I couldn’t have asked for a better looking, smarter, or better tempered
dog. He's doing great!!! I have given your website and
phone number to a few people up here, so they may be
calling you.. ... thanks again...


Hi Bob.

I know its been a while. But here are the most recent pictures of Buba and her siblings. We love her so much. She is truly a princess!

Thank you,

Hi there.

My name is Heather, my boyfriend, Chris got an absolutely wonderful puppy from you... I know he had gotten in touch with you a few weeks ago about getting another one. I've fallen in love with Chris' puppy, King and now would like to get one of my own.


Hi Bob,

Here are a couple of pictures of my little Juno. She is so smart and loving. She is growing so fast. Thanks again for a great dog. I will definitely keep in touch as she grows.



Thought you would be interested in updated photos of Kane. He was 13 weeks
on Friday the 14th and as of today he weighs in at 22lbs. He is doing great
and we can't thank you enough.



I've sent a link to your web-site to everyone on my address book. Nala is AWSOME! We love her soooo much! She is so smart and we are enjoying her thoroughly. She fell into the pool on Saturday trying to follow Buster, she did not like it! Billy purchased a "scamper ramp" for her and Buster to enter and exit the pool safely. I hope she ends up liking the water! She is an innate protector and I appreciate that as I'm home alone with the kids often! Her bark is getting deeper and scarier! We can't wait for a boy...His name will be Sonny!
Jennifer and Billy

Hi Bob,

Our new puppy has arrived safe. No problems. He drank a little water when he arrived, and he did not seem too scared. Even the excited voices of my children didn't seem to bother him at all. His papers arrived attached to the top of the cage, slightly nibbled in one corner. After we got home, he quickly made himself at home, and he seemed to enjoy following the kids around. He seems to have a terrific attitude, and I believe he fits in our family well.

I'll keep you posted on our adventures!



(An update on their dog, Sarge)

He loves to run, play tug-of-war with other dogs, very treat-driven,
loves to hike and does well off leash on hikes in the mountains. He's
a wonderful dog, and we could not be happier with him.

I'm attaching a few more pictures of him - feel free to use them for
your site if you want, and we are always willing to be references for
your breeding. We're really happy with him.

Thanks again for our Sarge!


I bought one of your dogs last year and just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful dog. Here is a recent pic of Emma, and her cousin,(also one of yours) Solomon. They are great freinds and play together on the beach quite often. I hope all is well with you.


Hello Bob,

My name is Matt and I purchased a Rottweiler from you back in 2004. First I want to thank you again for he is the best purchase I’ve made. He is very well behaved and listens to everything I say and is in very good health. Thank you again and hope to hear back from you.



Fallhammer Rottweilers is located on a 13 acre ranch in Williston, Florida, in the North Central part of the state.

We have been breeding, raising and training Rottweilers since 1996.

Our policy is to do thorough interviews on prospective owners of our pups. We can also provide a list of references (happy, satisfied owners) for anyone who asks.

Our pups are whelped indoors and raised and socialized inside the home until they are at least eight weeks old. Visits to the kennel are welcome with proper notice to us via phone or email.

Below you will find some success stories from Fallhammer Owners: