Health Guarantee - Fallhammer Rottweilers

This guarantee covers the following for a period of one year from the purchase and receipt of the puppy into the new owner’s possession:

1. Any congenital health issue that arises and is fully documented and correctly diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian on the micro-chipped, identifiable puppy. Pup must be microchipped (or tattooed) prior to any examinations. Congenital health issues are conditions that are FULLY attributable to genetics, occurring at birth and manifesting at birth or within one year. This does not include communicable viruses or other diseases or allergies environmentally caused, and does not include issues that the owner or his veterinarian suspect might be congenital but are improvable by the medical profession. Health guarantee does not include conditions caused by owner neglect or abuse, bad or improper diet, improper exercise or other environmental issues. This guarantee does not include a congenital condition that has been diagnosed and disclosed to the buyer by the breeder prior to the sale of a pup. As a point of fact, xrays to detect hip dysplasia can be done at between seven and twelve months. Two year hip guarantees are simply a marketing ploy by some breeders to make the owner feel comfortable, but have no other effective purpose. These are not cars, but living things and as such the condition will show up much earlier than two years of age.

2. In the case of number 1 above, the owner must arrange with his veterinarian to send copies of all x-rays, blood work, exam results, etc to the Breeder’s veterinarian with a signed letter from the vet stating the exact congenital health issue and detailing the diagnoses. The Breeder’s veterinarian will fully examine the documents and based on his recommendations, the Breeder will either accept, reject or require further or correct diagnoses from the owner’s vet or another vet of the owner’s choosing.

3. If the pup indeed has a congenital health issue, the owner will get a replacement puppy. However the owner must first have the original pup spayed or neutered, state in writing that he is keeping the original pup and must never have used the pup for breeding purposes prior to the one year date.

When all of the above qualifications are met, the Breeder will give the owner a replacement Rottweiler puppy of comparable quality. Additionally, owner will pay shipping and handling costs for new puppy and must return any AKC registration papers to the breeder.


1. Speed feeding or otherwise overfeeding the dog so it becomes oversized, obese or unhealthy due to improper weight gain or growth.

2. Failing to follow the breeder's instructions as to what type of food to feed the pup for the first year.

3. Using or attempting to use the dog for breeding purposes.

4. Failing to properly exercise or allowing the dog to do exercise in a way that is harmful to the dog's proper growth and development. This includes, but is not limited to dog's jumping in and out of trucks, climbing up long flights of stairs, road work on cement or hard surfaces, indoor play on slippery tile or surfaces, underexercising by only walking the dog once a day or any other activity that will not allow the pup to correctly develop good muscle tone and that could cause injury to the dog.

5. Failing to follow breeder's advices on proper preventative maintenance, including heartworm, general worming, flea prevention, ear cleaning, etc.

6. Any form of abuse, long periods of tie out, malnutrition, etc, caused by the owner or any person designation by the owner, such as boarding kennels.

7. Taking harmful, misdiagnosed or unfounded advice from a veterinarian that results in the dog being wrongly treated for an illness or condition.

Any failure to follow the above will result in the health guarantee becoming null and void.

Bob Levy
Fallhammer Rottweilers