A Note About Deposits

Deposits are taken to hold a pick in a particular litter. For example, if an owner wants the first pick male in a litter, he must be the first person to submit a deposit for a male for that litter. The pick does not have to be made at the time of the deposit. It simply means that the person making the reservation (deposit) will have the ability to make the first pick (second, third, and so on) at around seven weeks, before anyone else can make a pick.

All reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis. If you are the second person to submit a reservation for a female, then you will wait until the person with the first pick makes their selection. Then, the second pick is made from the remaining pups.

Here is an important note: ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. This is my kennel policy and there are no exceptions. Most people understand this and are quite cooperative with the whole pup-buying experience. If you are not familiar with how this works, please read the following:

1. Purchasing a puppy is a major life decision, both for the animal and the owner. When a person decides on buying a pup from a breeder, it is assumed that they have done their homework and that they have made up their mind on purchasing from that breeder. A deposit is actually a reservation, which makes it very, very different than, say, a deposit on a stereo or household goods. It means that you have entered into a contract with the breeder to pay the balance and receive the pup when the pup is old enough to be released.

2. Making a deposit on a puppy, virtually removes that puppy from being advertised, sold and selected by other people. If you have made a deposit on a pup, you have entered into a sales contract for the purchase of that pup, which means what it says. Changing your mind after the fact is detrimental to the breeder, financially and otherwise. If, as a breeder, I tell another potential buyer that the pup is already taken, and he walks away, and then you tell me you have changed your mind, then, as a breeder, I have lost the sale two times which is a very bad business decision and results in loss of income.

2. A deposit is a reservation - it is not for a breeder to hold the pup for an owner while they look at other pups from other breeders. The balance is due before the pup ships, no exceptions. Again, the purpose of a deposit (reservation) is to provide a down payment for a particular pick in a litter with THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THE BALANCE WILL BE PAID PRIOR TO THE PUP BEING DELIVERED.

3. Historically, if a person cannot pay the balance for a pup, then he or she cannot affort to own a pup in the first place. Please think the whole pup-buying experience all the way through before making a decision.

4. Occasionally, some emergency arises that prevents a person from completing a sale at a particular time. When this comes up, I am sometimes willing to credit the amount of the deposit towards a future pup purchase. This will be taken up on an individual basis.

Thank you,


Fallhammer Rottweilers